Association Multimedia Consulting

ASSOCIATION MULTIMEDIA CONSULTING is your organization’s resource for navigating and integrating a successful strategy for your ALL your multimedia delivery.

The challenge

Associations have unique goals and strategies for success and for increasing member value. Your multimedia delivery needs to be aligned with those goals. Identifying the best strategy and finding the matching solutions requires expertise in both association management and multimedia. Insuring success requires your organization has a holistic multimedia delivery plan to promote both communications and educational offerings to your members.

The solutions

Setting Goals

Association Multimedia Consulting will work with you to identify measurable, obtainable and realistic goals.

This step will help ensure your success and drive budget needs and ROI metrics,

There are many additional ways for your organization to benefit from the implementation of a well established set of multimedia goals.

Strategic Plan

After identifying your vision, the next step is to work on how you will effectively leverage this new resource. You will need to establish how you know you have been successful.

Your new resources has boundless capabilities to positively affect your organization. How will you allocate these resources to ensure you meet demand?

Building Infrastructure

There are many factors to consider and options to explore… too many actually.

The design and implementation of your multimedia infrastructure needs to be cost effective, flexible and easy to use.

This step requires expertise and vision. Association Multimedia Consulting brings 15+ years of experience, from insides the association space, to ensure success.

What People Say

Pleasant . . . talented . . . diligent. If I were hiring someone to do what Chris does, he would be first on my recruiting list.

Lynn Nichols, CPA
Technical Consultant SCACPA

We brought Christopher in to help us streamline, expand and enhance our multimedia capabilities. As a statewide organization, our goal is to establish ourselves as the recognized leader for these resources and to ensure our ROI. Christopher was intricate in building integration processes and strategies that established the foundation for our platform and accomplished our goals.  Moreover, we were able to expand our functionality and create additional revenue with the time saved by building efficient processes. 

Mike Murdock
Director of Information Technology – OSBA

Recent Projects

Multimedia production services

Looking for full production capabilities?

Your project requirements are unique and you need a one stop solution. We have the experience and creativity to effectively and efficiently produce your next communications, marketing and educational videos.